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Markets Can Be Irrational... you don't have to be.

Juggle much lately? Running a business can be like juggling
too many things for far too long, and without any rest:

  • Personal assets – one ball
  • Corporate assets – another
  • Pension assets – a third

We can help free up your hands to get back to work.

Chapter and verse for the risk-averse.

Beese Fulmer insists upon a rational institutional investment management process, a systematic approach to protect and grow your business assets.

We can manage both for you

     (Your company investment accounts) + (Your company retirement plan)

Our investment analysts are experts in their industry sectors

     (Diversified investment opportunities) – (Away from the industry in which you operate)

Institutional investment management leadership

     (Personal + Corporate + Pension Assets) = (No problem with the kind of experience we possess)

Reward yourself and stop juggling risk...




Do you need family investment counsel also?
Learn more about our family wealth management advantages.

The Beese Fulmer FREE Wealth Profile

Our WEALTH PROFILE helps us gather the type of information we've found essential in establishing who you are…where you want to go…and how you want to get there.
  • We start with basic background information about your assets and objectives.
  • Then we define your goals for the portfolio and what we call your Investment Psychology (conservative, moderate, or aggressive? patient or reactive? hold-and-grow or make withdrawals?).
  • We determine your attitudes and behaviors concerning the market, a meaningful guide to your favored portfolio philosophy.
  • The final section characterizes your personality in general terms and relating to finances.
Before proceeding, think about your total wealth; not just your investments, but your real estate, bank accounts, business assets, and insurance. These are all part of your total wealth picture.

While we specialize in the investment piece, we will take other assets into account in order to build a portfolio that best complements these assets.

Click below to schedule
your FREE personalized Wealth Profile. 

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