You are looking toward your next phase, whether that means selling your business or creating a succession plan. You need assistance for the complexity of this process, to cover essential factors such as structure, tax implications, buy-sell insurance, and estate planning. Beese Fulmer will assemble a team of experts to complement their own succession wealth advisors, such as lawyers and tax professionals, so you share control of every aspect of the process.

Selling a business produces new money. The new money resulting from the sale of your business needs to be taken as seriously as you took the business itself. Setting the right terms can be as important as the price, which is why Beese Fulmer will work with you as early in the process as possible. You need to get what you deserve, yet don’t want to be penalized with unfavorable tax ramifications because of the terms. How much should be up front? Can skipping a year of compensation, combined with rational interest and rent terms help? Beese Fulmer business transition experts will help you make the best decisions about every aspect of the transaction — from payment allocation to looking at life beyond the sale.

A rational succession plan can never start too early.

Even the most savvy business people can wait too long to think about the next phase, or may exit the business too late. Beese Fulmer assembles a team of the finest business succession professional advisors to help with the complexity and serious decisions. This includes counseling the family, to encourage stewardship and pass wealth to the next generation in the most responsible way. Remember: This will be the first time they will have the responsibility for so much liquid wealth, the wealth generated by selling your business. The more wealth, the more complexity; and the more complexity, the more you need Beese Fulmer to make the business succession successful.