Because Beese Fulmer is stubbornly rational, that’s how much investors save without all those fees.

Would you rather be rational — or give away a quarter of a million dollars? It turns out that Beese Fulmer saves investors that much compared to cumulative layered industry average fees.3

Rational investing does let you keep more of the money you earn, which makes the way fees seemingly multiply on their own with typical brokers completely irrational in comparison. Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management doesn't have layers of fees, and lower fees gets you a better return. The more rational fully-transparent fee structure with Beese Fulmer is based solely on the assets managed for you, reported to you in a well-defined quarterly billing statement.

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Because you have the right to keep more of what you earn.

The wealth management advisors at Beese Fulmer have searched, have inquired, have foraged — and have yet to find anyone who is a fan of fees. Instead of fees on top of fees on top of more fees, the way brokers have a glee for fees, Beese Fulmer keeps it simple, rational and under control, with a fee structure based solely on assets managed and recommendations that align with your interests.

Brokers get "referral bonuses," which is nothing more than a fancy way of hiding their incentive to push funds, even those that are underperformers. Beese Fulmer instead designs a custom investment plan that is 100% free from conflicts of interest.

Those same investment brokers also charge sales loads, a convenient way to reward themselves extra money just for moving your investments from fund to fund. The fully-transparent, better way with Beese Fulmer is 100% free from sales loads.

Brokerage charges add up. And not to your benefit!

Many investors are not aware of the negative impact COSTS have on their bottom line. Those costs happen to be the biggest problem with mutual funds, charging you around 1.3-1.5% for a total expense ratio that can add up to 2.0% or more.2

Hidden brokerage fees that can eat into your return include:

management fee as high as 3% of assets
front-end sales loads — fees you pay when you purchase the fund
back-end loads — a fee you pay if you sell a fund within a certain time frame
administrative costs — for postage, recordkeeping, even cappuccino machines!
advertising — fees you pay for the fund to sell itself to you!

with beese fulmer you always keep what you earn.

Beese Fulmer’s percentage of fees on assets actually DECREASES the more your wealth grows. How’s THAT for fair?

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Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management experts know investing from every angle and follow every market trend from a clear-thinking perspective. Check out the Beese Fulmer blog and view the videos to learn more about what they think and how they reason.

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