Meet Our Team.

Meet the Beese Fulmer team. They have nearly a century of combined industry experience in rational investing, primarily in stocks and bonds, with full focus on the customer and their financial goals.

1) Emotions and short-term thinking are the enemy of the successful investor.
2) There is NO alternative to buying high-quality stocks and bonds at the right price.
3) Eliminate the middle man and trust the expert, your investment manager.
4) Maximize wealth building and minimize taxes, expenses and fees.
5) Viewing all assets on one statement is an asset.

Dennis S. Fulmer, CFA Photo
Dennis S. Fulmer, CFA
Chairman and Co-Founder
Ryan T. Fulmer Photo
Ryan T. Fulmer
Nicholas T. Perini, CFA Photo
Nicholas T. Perini, CFA
Vice President
Harry C.C. MacNealy Photo
Harry C.C. MacNealy
Portfolio Manager
Charles H. Hoover Photo
Charles H. Hoover
Portfolio Manager
Lynn S. Hamilton Photo
Lynn S. Hamilton
Portfolio Manager
Tyler J. Smith, CFA Photo
Tyler J. Smith, CFA
Jennifer L. Art Photo
Jennifer L. Art
Accounting Administrator
Diana L. Hetrick Photo
Diana L. Hetrick
Client Service Administrator
Kellie Hill Photo
Kellie Hill
Client Service Administrator
Megan M. Mayle Photo
Megan M. Mayle
Marketing Assistant and Portfolio Administrator
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Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management experts know investing from every angle and follow every market trend from a clear-thinking perspective. Check out the Beese Fulmer blog and view the videos to learn more about what they think and how they reason.

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