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Investment Outlook: Fourth Quarter 2020 Market Recap
I won’t even attempt to recap all that has occurred over these past twelve months—there will be entire books written on the subject.
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Ask the Rational Investor: Speculators Beware!
2020 produced outsized returns in the stock market, surprising many observers. As the pandemic’s impact on the economy became clear, the Federal Reserve reduced interest rates and announced unprecedented supportive programs for the fixed-income markets.
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Ask the Rational Investor: Should You Add Banks to Your Portfolio?
One of the hardest-hit areas of the stock market this year has been the Financial sector, of which, banks have declined the most.
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ATRI November 2020
Ask the Rational Investor: Investing During the 2020 Election
This year has not been easy on long-term investors—with the Coronavirus recession and whipsawing stock market prices—most investors (and portfolio managers) are exhausted!  The Presidential election provides yet another highly-uncertain outcome before the end of the year, with important questions...
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Investment Outlook 3Q20 Herd Mentality NTP
Investment Outlook: Third Quarter 2020 Herd Mentality

Thanks to COVID-19 and the havoc it wreaked in 2020, we chose to take a hiatus from our multi-part behavioral finance series. You may remember the last behavioral article was in our Fourth Quarter 2019 Outlook.
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Ask the Rational Investor: P&G Cleans Up Your Portfolio
A well-diversified portfolio includes all industry sectors of an economy – technology, energy, industrials, consumer staples, and several others. Each sector responds differently to the wide array of factors influencing the market on any given day.
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How Will the 2020 Election Impact the Stock Market?
How Will the 2020 Election Impact the Stock Market?

In the volatile year of 2020, investors are faced with two highly polarized outcomes following election day in November.
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Investment Outlook 3Q20 Tyler
Investment Outlook: Third Quarter 2020 Market Recap
If anything, the increased volatility we saw this quarter seemed a little more in-line with the times.  Whether it’s the pandemic, politics, or the state of the economy, there are certainly more questions than answers.
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Investment Outlook 3Q20 1999 Denny
Investment Outlook: Third Quarter 2020 "Party like it's 1999"
“It’s wonderful to promote new industries because they are very promotable.  It’s very hard to promote investment in a mundane product.
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ATRI September 2020
Ask the Rational Investor: A New Driver at UPS
There is a new boss in the top job at UPS.   Furthermore, the new boss does not look to be the same as the old boss.
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ATRI Aug 2020
Ask the Rational Investor: What should you do now?
Most major stock market indices have nearly recovered losses for the year thus far.
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Will Record Deficits and Easy Fed Policies Ignite Inflation?
Will Record Deficits and Easy Fed Policies Ignite Inflation?

Three years ago, a client asked how long can our country continue to run deficits without experiencing negative consequences?  With ever-expanding deficits and recent central bank interventions, this topic is timelier than...
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Many Reasons to Like Gold, Just Maybe Not in Your Portfolio
When it comes to different investment options, few lead to a broader discussion than precious metals and gold in particular. Gold has held a special place in human history for more than 7,000 years, dating back to the Egyptians.
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Invesment Outlook 2Q20 TJS
Investment Outlook Second-Quarter 2020 Market Recap and Review
2Q Market Recap: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

One of the toughest challenges right now is coming up with a logical explanation for how it is possible markets are sitting near all-time highs, in contrast with everything that’s going on in...
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ATRI July 2020 FAANG
Ask the Rational Investor: Is "big tech" too large?
Major stock market indices have recovered most of their losses for the year. In some regards, it’s not surprising, considering the incredible accommodative stance from global Central bankers.
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ATRI June 2020
Ask the Rational Investor: Investing in an Uncertain World
With the S&P 500 down only modestly for the year, many investors are questioning how quickly the stock market has recovered.  It was surreal how quickly stock prices plummeted during the pandemic meltdown in March.
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