ATRI Feb 2020 Estee Lauder Products
Ask the Rational Investor: Beautify your portfolio with Estee Lauder
One of the best-performing Consumer Staples companies over the last decade* has been Estee Lauder (EL). Their stock has appreciated 1,060% compared to 478% for peer companies and 283% for the S&P 500.
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ATRI Jan 2020 Changes to IRA 2020 resize
Ask the Rational Investor: New Law Changes IRA Strategies
In mid-December Congress passed the SECURE Act, which has recently received a lot of news coverage. The retirement bill has been touted as a win for “Main Street” as it eliminates the IRA beneficiaries’ ability to “stretch withdrawals.
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Investment Outlook Q4 Income InEquality
Income In-Equality and Progressive Taxes
With unemployment rates at a record low level, some have shifted focus to income in-equality, and subsequent tax increases.
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Investment Outlook Q4 Investment Pitfalls
Looking Past the Numbers: Behavioral Pitfalls in Investing, Part II
As I (finally) sit down to write my second piece on behavioral finance, I’m starkly reminded of my own behavioral shortfalls. In this instance, its procrastination, and I’ve always been guilty of it.
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Investment Outlook Q4 Market Recap v2
Fourth Quarter 2019 Market Recap – A Decade in Review
Barring a few minor exceptions, 2019 will be a year to remember with the major averages logging some of their best gains since 2013.
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ATRI December 2019
Ask The Rational Investor: Is it Time to Sell?
With the stock market up nearly 27% year-to-date* many investors are wondering if they should get out before the next drop!

In these types of stock market environments, it is more important than normal to stay calm and focus on your...
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3Q19 Investment Outlook DSF
Investment Outlook: Third-Quarter 2019: What is the Yield Curve and Who Cares if it is Flat?
For the last year, pundits have been ruminating about the shape of the yield curve and what it means for future economic growth.   Typically, longer-maturity fixed income securities pay higher yields than short-term maturities.
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3Q19 Investment Outlook TJS
Investment Outlook: Third-Quarter 2019 - Market Recap and Review
Whether or not you found this quarter at all interesting depends entirely on the amount of attention given to the daily news flow.   On the surface, 3Q19 results actually look decidedly uninteresting.
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NTP Outlook 3Q19
Investment Outlook: Third-Quarter 2019 - Looking Past the Numbers: Behavioral Pitfalls in Investing
For decades Economists have developed theories, hypotheses, and rules about how financial markets should work and how investors should invest. The culmination of this work resulted in the wide acceptance of the efficient-market hypotheses in the mid-1960s.
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Ask The Rational Investor: Treasure Hunt at TJ Maxx
As a stock picker, I am constantly scouring the financial markets looking for mispriced investments.
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Ask the Rational Investor Microsoft Office 365
Ask the Rational Investor: 365 Reasons to Own Microsoft
This past month, our office upgraded our Microsoft Office Suite from the one-time purchase included with a new PC to an annual subscription offering coined “Office 365.
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Ask The Rational Investor: Chinese trade war impact on your retirement
Due to Chinese trade war rhetoric, the stock market has been whipsawing investors, causing retired and soon-to-be retired investors to wonder if they should reduce their equity allocation.
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oh canton logo
Beese Fulmer, MacNealy Hoover to merge this fall
By Edd Pritchard

Two private investment firms in downtown Canton will combine assets and create a firm that manages nearly $1 billion of assets. CANTON Two local private investment firms will join forces in October.
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crains cleveland
Canton investment firms Beese Fulmer and MacNealy Hoover to combine in October
Two Canton investment firms are joining forces this fall. Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management is acquiring boutique firm MacNealy Hoover Investment Management, effective Oct. 1. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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Harry Chuck Kellie NZ7 9628 pp v4
Beese Fulmer Welcomes Harry MacNealy and Charles Hoover to the Firm
The financial community in Stark County is not large, and over the course of nearly 40 years we’ve gotten to know most, if not all, of our industry peers.
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Power Tools SBD
Ask the Rational Investor: Build Your Portfolio with Stanley Black and Decker!
Growing up in Northeast Ohio, I’ve always wondered what makes the New England Patriots a such great team, year after year.
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