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Be careful investing in artificial intelligence
Over the last several months, investors’ exuberance towards anything related to artificial intelligence or A. I.
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Give your portfolio a makeover with ULTA Beauty
As we have written in past Ask the Rational Investors, we focus on identifying highly profitable companies with predictable growth that return cash to shareholders. One company that combines all three of these attributes is ULTA Beauty.
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Ask the Rational Investor: Investing in Predictable Railroads
An investment philosophy is an important and often overlooked part of any portfolio.
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Ask the Rational Investor: Checking the 2023 Market Outlook
Over the last several months the U. S. stock market has recouped about half of 2022’s decline—begging the question if the worst is over, or if investors should brace themselves for more stock market volatility in 2023.
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Ask the Rational Investor: Big Data Impacting Insurance Underwriting
When you think of insurance you probably think of Geico’s Gecko or Progressive Insurance’s Flo. Your investment portfolio likely owns one or many insurance companies.
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Investment Outlook - The Investor and Market Fluctuations
Ben Graham coined this title for Chapter 8 of his classic 1949 book titled “The Intelligent Investor.
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Investment Outlook - US Central Bank Policy: What in the FED is going on?
US headlines over the last quarter continued to swing negative.   Some days, even weeks, were tough to stomach.
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Investment Outlook - Third Quarter 2022 Market Recap
The third quarter of 2022 saw equities officially enter a bear market amidst declining global economic sentiment.
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Investment Outlook - Strong US Dollar
Powerful, well-built, tough, and indestructible are all synonyms for the word STRONG.  The word strong has positive connotations in our lexicon, but when used to describe the US dollar it is more complicated.
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ATRI October 2022 v2
Ask the Rational Investor: Steps to Improve Your Portfolio
How quickly markets can change!  In our September Ask the Rational Investor, we discussed steps to improve your portfolio after the stock market had recovered about two-thirds of its decline.
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Beese Fulmer named to CNBC FA 100 list for 2022
CANTON, Ohio (Oct. 10, 2022) – Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management, a leading Northeast Ohio private investment firm, has been named to the 2022 CNBC FA 100 list of top U. S. registered investment advisors (RIAs).
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Ask the Rational Investor: Repositioning Your Portfolio into Market Strength
Most major stock market indices have recouped about two-thirds of their decline over the past several months. Reexamining the allocation of cash, fixed income, and stocks in your portfolio now that prices have recovered could be a good idea.
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Bob Europe
Europe: A challenging Road Ahead
US headlines over the last quarter continued to swing negative.   Some days, even weeks, were tough to stomach.
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2022 08 ATRI Banks
Ask the Rational Investor: Banks paying high and growing dividends
The Financial sector has traditionally offered slow and steady earnings growth complemented by rising dividends.   Perhaps not exciting stocks but consistent and steady.
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Check the Ingredients Before Biting into a Target Date Fund
It Ain’t (That) Easy

“Target-date funds” continue to gain a share of investors’ wallets, with now more than a quarter of 401k plan participants owning at least one such mutual fund.
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Investment Outlook Second Quarter 2022: What was the Secret Sauce?
Since the dawn of civilization, standards of living tend to improve marginally from one generation to the next. However, history is punctuated with exceptional periods of rapid progress.
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