Beese Fulmer Investment Management, Inc. Partners with Alta Trust to Launch Beese Fulmer Collective Investment Trust and Beese Fulmer Quality Equity Fund
CANTON, Ohio, Nov. 16, 2023 -- Beese Fulmer Investment Management, Inc.
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Beese Fulmer Investment Management, Inc. Achieves GIPS Compliance
Canton, Ohio, October 10, 2023 - Beese Fulmer Investment Management, Inc.
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US Economy: A Transformative Economic Landscape is on the Horizon
Our Investment Committee meets weekly to engage in a comprehensive analysis of key macroeconomic factors impacting our portfolio companies. One recurring theme in our discussions this year has been the resilience of the labor market.
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Rational Investing in an AI Bonanza
Excitement about Artificial Intelligence has been a major driver of the S&P 500’s performance this year.
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Is inflation really subsiding?
Until the last two weeks or so the stock market resembled the bull market after the pandemic. Led by growth stocks such as Tesla, Nvidia, Microsoft and others on the excitement surrounding generative artificial intelligence.
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Third Quarter 2023 Market Recap and Looking Forward
When the consensus opinion on the economic outlook changes, the financial markets respond.
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Stagflation 101: What It Means for Your Portfolio and How to Position for It!
Stagflation is a rare but serious economic phenomenon that can pose significant risks for wealthy investors.
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A closer look at the Timken Company
The Timken Company, a long-standing pillar of the American industrial sector headquartered in Canton, Ohio, recently announced second-quarter results for 2023. Financial trends remain strong but recent stock price performance has been poor after the results.
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Investment Outlook: The Challenges of US Infrastructure Spending
More than $2 trillion is currently sitting in Federal coffers. Between now and 2032, every penny will be invested in United States infrastructure.
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Be careful investing in artificial intelligence
Over the last several months, investors’ exuberance towards anything related to artificial intelligence or A. I.
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Give your portfolio a makeover with ULTA Beauty
As we have written in past Ask the Rational Investors, we focus on identifying highly profitable companies with predictable growth that return cash to shareholders. One company that combines all three of these attributes is ULTA Beauty.
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Ask the Rational Investor: Investing in Predictable Railroads
An investment philosophy is an important and often overlooked part of any portfolio.
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Ask the Rational Investor: Checking the 2023 Market Outlook
Over the last several months the U. S. stock market has recouped about half of 2022’s decline—begging the question if the worst is over, or if investors should brace themselves for more stock market volatility in 2023.
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Ask the Rational Investor: Big Data Impacting Insurance Underwriting
When you think of insurance you probably think of Geico’s Gecko or Progressive Insurance’s Flo. Your investment portfolio likely owns one or many insurance companies.
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Investment Outlook - The Investor and Market Fluctuations
Ben Graham coined this title for Chapter 8 of his classic 1949 book titled “The Intelligent Investor.
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Investment Outlook - US Central Bank Policy: What in the FED is going on?
US headlines over the last quarter continued to swing negative.   Some days, even weeks, were tough to stomach.
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