ATRI September 2021 v2
Ask the Rational Investor: Finding Safety in Dividends
Over the last several months, I’ve written about different healthcare companies, such as Johnson and Johnson and CVS Health. Healthcare stocks offer unusual value and predictability in today’s market.
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ATRI Aug 2021 JNJ
Ask the Rational Investor: Value in Today’s Markets
Over the last 12 months, the stock market has continued to defy investors' expectations. Much of the rise in global equity prices can be attributed to unprecedented global monetary and fiscal stimulus.
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2Q2021 Investment Outlook DSF
Investment Outlook: Second Quarter 2021 Don’t Miss Excellent Writing in CEO Letters to Shareholders
When sifting through annual reports I try to read many of the CEO’s letters to shareholders.
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2Q2021 Investment Outlook TJS
Investment Outlook: Second Quarter 2021 Market Recap
One of the most common questions I have been getting recently is, “should I be buying right now with the market at an all-time high?” Or, alternatively, “should I sell now and wait for a dip to get back in?” ...
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Investment Outlook 2Q2021 NTP
Investment Outlook: Second Quarter 2021 What’s Going on With Commodities and Does it Matter?
The term commodity covers a wide range of basic goods and raw materials that are components of other finished goods. As the cost of input materials increases, so too does the finished good.
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ATRI June 2021 resize
Ask the Rational Investor: CVS Health is Cheap!
On almost every street corner it seems you can find either a CVS or Walgreens!  The convenience of close-to-home pharmacy pick-ups can lead to the purchase of premium-priced milk and other items while you are there.
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ATRI May 2021 Resize
Ask the Rational Investor: Covid weighs on Aerospace
It seems like every month I end up writing the stock market is at or near an all-time high.
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Artboard 2 100
Investment Outlook: First Quarter 2021 Market Recap

It may have gotten a bit too easy.   For a while, it felt as if you could throw money at just about anything in the stock market and watch it rise in value.
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ATRI April 2021 v2
Ask the Rational Investor: Energize with Energy Stocks
The Energy sector is an almost forgotten sector of the S&P 500, making up slightly less than 3% of the broader stock market. Oil and natural gas companies remain attractive income investments despite a recent rise in share prices.
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Investmenent Outlook 1Q21 DSF Resize
The NFL Spikes the Ball in the Endzone After Their New Media Contract!
In our last issue, I reviewed how your bill for access to network channels funnels a lot of money to the National Football League.
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Investment Outlook 1Q21 NTP Resize
Investment Outlook: First Quarter 2021 What a Difference a Year Makes
It’s been an incredible 12 months; to some, it may have seemed far longer—but the calendar doesn’t lie. This has been a historic year that has seen much suffering and hardship.
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ATRI March 2021 Umbrella Resize
Ask the Rational Investor: Are Bonds Safe?
Conventional wisdom is that stocks are risky, and bonds are safe. A share of a company’s stock represents the stock owner’s portion of that individual company.
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Investment Outlook 4Q2020 DSF Show Me The Money v2
Investment Outlook: Fourth Quarter 2020 Show Me the Money!
We have long favored the media industry because it generates copious amounts of cash.   This cash flow allows a company to pay dividends and buy back stock - two good ways to benefit shareholders.
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Investment Outlook 4Q2020 NTP Dont Judge
Investment Outlook: Fourth Quarter 2020 Don't Judge a Stock by its Index
It is easy to say that the stock market is expensive based on many of the typical valuation methodologies - Price-to-Earnings or P/E being the most widely used measure. Stocks are expensive when compared to historical averages.
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unnamed 2
Investment Outlook: Fourth Quarter 2020 Market Recap
I won’t even attempt to recap all that has occurred over these past twelve months—there will be entire books written on the subject.
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ATRI Jan 2021 Image
Ask the Rational Investor: Speculators Beware!
2020 produced outsized returns in the stock market, surprising many observers. As the pandemic’s impact on the economy became clear, the Federal Reserve reduced interest rates and announced unprecedented supportive programs for the fixed-income markets.
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