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Ask the Rational Investor: Don't Fight the Fed
In 1969 Milton Friedman, famed supply-side economist, wrote about how the Federal Reserve could drop money from a helicopter to stimulate the economy.
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Investment Outlook: First Quarter 2020 Market Recap
By now, we’ve all heard our fair share of superlatives trying to frame this unprecedented market activity.   None seem to do it justice, given the wide array of challenges facing our finances, health, and general wellbeing.
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NTP 1Q2020
Investment Outlook: First Quarter 2020 America May Change – Just Like it Always Does
In the midst of everything the nation has faced over the last few weeks, and the constant barrage of doom and gloom reporting, only one topic makes the hair on my neck stand on end: that is, “things will never be the same again....
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Investment Outlook: First Quarter 2020 America Will Recover
The uncertainty of the corona-virus pandemic has cast a shadow over every aspect of our lives. We fear that the virus lurks in every corner, and will eventually infect every one of us.
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April 2020 ATRI
Ask The Rational Investor: American Spirit Responds to Virus
Rays of American ingenuity are slipping through the coronavirus clouds, as our great country proves resilient.
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Will $2 trillion be enough?
This past week, Congress approved $2 trillion in fiscal stimulus or 9. 5% of the U. S. economy! As a comparison the New Deal (1933-1934) response to the Great Depression was 5.
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Ask the Rational Investor: Remain Calm Amongst the Fog
Without question the last few weeks have been gutwrenching. Erratic financial markets, temporarily-closed restaurants, and grocery store shelves left bare.
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Ask The Rational Investor: Coronavirus and Your Portfolio
Over the last few weeks, Coronavirus fears have given stock market investors a wild ride, resulting in a quick 7-8% stock market sell-off in just the last five days! With almost 79,000* infections and over 2,300 deaths worldwide, consumers, businesses,...
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Ryan Fulmer gets Rational on Apple Growth's Sliced Podcast
Late last month, Ryan Fulmer sat down with Apple Growth Chairman Chuck Mullen to get rational about Wealth Management in an episode of Sliced--Apple Growth's finance podcast.   Listen to the podcast here.  
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ATRI Feb 2020 Estee Lauder Products
Ask the Rational Investor: Beautify your portfolio with Estee Lauder
One of the best-performing Consumer Staples companies over the last decade* has been Estee Lauder (EL). Their stock has appreciated 1,060% compared to 478% for peer companies and 283% for the S&P 500.
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Ask the Rational Investor: New Law Changes IRA Strategies
In mid-December Congress passed the SECURE Act, which has recently received a lot of news coverage. The retirement bill has been touted as a win for “Main Street” as it eliminates the IRA beneficiaries’ ability to “stretch withdrawals.
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Investment Outlook Q4 Income InEquality
Income In-Equality and Progressive Taxes
With unemployment rates at a record low level, some have shifted focus to income in-equality, and subsequent tax increases.
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Investment Outlook Q4 Investment Pitfalls
Looking Past the Numbers: Behavioral Pitfalls in Investing, Part II
As I (finally) sit down to write my second piece on behavioral finance, I’m starkly reminded of my own behavioral shortfalls. In this instance, its procrastination, and I’ve always been guilty of it.
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Investment Outlook Q4 Market Recap v2
Fourth Quarter 2019 Market Recap – A Decade in Review
Barring a few minor exceptions, 2019 will be a year to remember with the major averages logging some of their best gains since 2013.
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ATRI December 2019
Ask The Rational Investor: Is it Time to Sell?
With the stock market up nearly 27% year-to-date* many investors are wondering if they should get out before the next drop!

In these types of stock market environments, it is more important than normal to stay calm and focus on your...
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3Q19 Investment Outlook DSF
Investment Outlook: Third-Quarter 2019: What is the Yield Curve and Who Cares if it is Flat?
For the last year, pundits have been ruminating about the shape of the yield curve and what it means for future economic growth.   Typically, longer-maturity fixed income securities pay higher yields than short-term maturities.
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